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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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spv a softer tone as president trump calls for unity. optimistic topics from affordable care took the immigration. >> and saluting the wife of navy s.e.a.l. killed in i araid he ordered after taking hours and some repused to clap during that touching tribute. >> a live look outside. wednesday morning, march 1 everybody a whole brand new month the threat of severe storms is a big story today. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's get right to tucker barnes for a timeline as one can expect the severe weather to roll in. >> good morning, saturday, when we have a lot of heat build up throughout the day and in the afternoon big thunderstorms and hail and even isolated tornado in southern maryland we're concerned with we could do that again today. this is heads up. fine this morning. future cast.
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depicting at 2:00 this afternoon. strong line of thunderstorms walking a cross the 5. of course it works norm west to southeast here later today we think it will come through the actual city itself by about between 2 and 3 and again there could be gusty winds or concern for potential for hail again like last saturday and isolated risk of tornado. so just quick early heads up period of thunderstorms around here this afternoon. wopts be concern for the mornings hours and but by afternoon we have to be on the lookout for. it more details on this and more weather. snowflakes on the 7 day. >> wow. >> of course. >> thanks so much tucker. >> big story this morning joint section of congress. >> it was an hour long speech the president outed what he outed so far. mel. >> steve, allison, trump was restrained measured and many called him presidential as greeted by
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in way this was attempt at reset of item ul tu us start and called on democrats to join in. we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. >> president trump with his speech to congress and the nation. he seemed to softer position on immigration. >> i believe real and positive immigration reform is possible as long as we focus on the following goals. to improve jobs and wages for americans. to strengthen our nation's security. and to restore respect for our laws. the president focus on healthcare hammering away at obamacare he and fellow rendz sea they plan to repeal and re place. so far gop offered few specifics.
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buy government approved health insurance was never the right solution for our country. >> but democrats remain unimpressed saying the speech is is out of touch with the way president governed so far. the former governor of ken keb delivering death catic party rebuttal. >> real leaders strengthen they unify and partner and they offer real solutions instead of ultimatums and blame. >> now today president trump is expected to issue a new executive order continuing to exclude travel from six of those previously named companies countries and we understand iran will no longer be included on that list. >> live at the capital i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> president welcomed five guests last night including widow of navy s.e.a.l. killed in yemen last month. caie owens was given a standing ovation and some republicans refused
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her husband chief rhino when was killed in a raid approved bit president. democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut also opposing raid following president address he say we all grief for ryan owens something went horribly wrong on that raid and we knee need answers not a president that passes buck. >> turning to local news and breaking news from loudoun country where deputies are investigating a double stabbing. two men were stabbed in a parking lot of community plaza in sterling after 2:00 in the morning and victims were taken to the hospital. they'll be okay. right now the sheriff's department is looking for the suspect here the stab be suspect who they say took off in a scar. in the district over nights a woman fighting for her life after shot early this morning in southeast washington. police say it happened in the 2300 block of wayne place around 12:30 this morning. he's reportedly in critical condition. right now there's no
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motive and the shooting happened a little more than half a mile from where another woman paz shot on wheeler road monday nightsing. >> we talked about severe weather' ebbly today oub in the midwest several tornadoes swept across the area overnight kiting two peopleen including one monster twister caught on camera in illinois one person was killed in the town when a tree uprooted and another western because killed when a tore head owe ripped through perry county missouri and crews went door to door checking on the area where homes were damaged. >> i know i fwot siding, roof, houses, have that garage collapse. my brother-in-law lost three fourths of roof. these folks cannot get home. you can't get up and down the block. >> tat storm system is the one that is headed to our region. let's get the details for you now once again from tucker barnes. >> that's why we're concerned because of the severe weather out west we can see -- i'm not sure tordo
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concern but we're concerned about winds and hail and responsible for lightning later today. later today. this won't be this morning. and temperatures back and winds howling out there as well. and out of the south this morning we're pumping in warm and humid air and humidity. it's tropical out there this morning. 56 dulles and 58 this morning baltimore and bwi marshall. couple lines of thunderstorms and you can see the red boxes indicating where we've got severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches at this hour and we'll watch that con jeel to one line coming through here early this afternoon. i think timing if you are off north and west probably between 12 and 2 and immediate washington area between 2 and 4 and as it gets fourth south and east we'll be an hour later. again we're concerned about potential for and it doesn't mean everybody gets it some of us will potential for strong storms later this afternoon. there you government ear s
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temperatures 25 above normal and look out for afternoon thunderstorms. much, much cooler air gets in here tonight. we'll time it out and look at future cast in a minute. >> thanks, tucker. >> say good morning to erin como and look at the roads sgle good morning, 6:07 now and look at maps. 76 out and dealing with rain. we'll move over from weather and get a look at traffic. this is this afternoon tucker said we need expert help there and it's hot on the web in morning. there we go. 270 northbound crash route 15 through frederick head ago way from gaithersburg to hit that crash and a lot of red on the northbound side. i want to point this out for frederick commuters. blocking several lanes 20 northbound 15 and 07 southbound usual slow downs from 70 to urbana and once you get to the outer loop looking good. 95 to george aavenue to college park inner loop fine. 95, baltimore washington
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you head out in the district. 11th street northwest between g and h street water main break repair going on to avoid slow slow downs keep to twelfth street northwest as you make your way to fairfax tracking wire and poles down from earlier crash scene prayburn drive closed after olly lane. 66 eastbound the light volume we were seeing through mannasas just like that turned into steady congested delay from 24 prince william parkway to 28 centerville. make sure you leave early if that's your typical commute. beltway nice. 9 are northbound dale city to ewington and 50s still looking good through anne arrundel and metro on time and safe track is working we get a break from the rest of the week. steve, allison. >> ceo of uber apologizing to one of the driver's after heated exchange. more on that next. >> outrage over remarks education secretary betsy does
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black colleges. 6:08. pats pass
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pats pass >> it took several firefighters to fight the strong current and they did rescue that man from his suv. >> back locally the search continues for a vandals that tarring theed howard university campus. walls and sidewalks defaced with welcome to the trump plantation overseer wayne ai pred rick. frederick is howard's president. it comes one day after trump med with frederick and other leaders of historically black challenges and universityen incident in howard comes as fallout continues over remarks made by education secretary betsy devos that called the historically black colleges real pioneers of choice. it came after meeting with hvu leader and they devos said providing alternative option for those denied quality school is legacy. >> and uber ceo caught arguing with uber driver
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him of lowering prices of rides. video obtained by bloomburg news shows executive shouting at man at the end of the ride earlier this month. in a memo to staffers yesterday he admitted he needs to "grow up." >> in speech last night president trump condemned act of hate and evil and this come after two threatening letters were september to two separate rovrks in silver spring. one note included a crude drawing of violent act and offered money for violence against muslims. >> and today 7 arrested in january for taking over a crane on the district. you remember this? will appear in court. all were charged with third degree misdemeanor offenses and including -- with three misdemeanor offenses including destruction of property and protesters putp a sign on the scain that said resist and protest of president donald trump. >> joe biden will receive the patriot award tonight by the boy partisan policy center
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it recognizes leader with leadership throughout their careers. >> rhianna took the spotlight at harvard received humanitarian of the year award. recognized for her charitable efforts including state of the art cancer diagnosis and treatment center that she opened in her home country of barbados. >> good for her. >> she looked beautiful too. >> youtube getting in on streaming tv business and xbox users details of a new video game subscription. it will be a hot one today. we're worried about storms early this afternoon. we'll check in with tucker for the details next n by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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get the best. get fios.
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>> typical rush hour volume unfortunately early on this wednesday morning maybe folks get to work early to head out early and avoid the weather this afternoon. tuck. >> that's not fun. in fact,
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potential -- whoa we have serious lion today. march in like eye lion little later today and not so much temperatures-wise because we're concerned about thunderstorms getting in hereby early to mid afternoon. all right. mild out there. early, 58 washington. fredericksburg 60. 59 mannasas and dulles 56. everybody temperatures already above normal daytime highs for fist of march. and lawsuit of koud cloud cover out there early. storms range raging off to norman west this morning. red box you see is tornado watch box and looking in western pen with tennessee now a tornado warning. these storms have a history of produceing a lot of damage and we're concerned as they roll through here early afternoon they could have a round of severe weather in immediate washington area as well. so, just keep that in mripd here. by early afternoon thunderstorms moving on in. what's causing it. well cold front moving through later tonight and up ahead of that a
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subject of warm tropical air. daytime highs today up side of the forecast will be well into the 70s. unfortunately as cooler an drier air arres it's likely to set off a around of potentially severe weather here. future cast watch square actually. those of you out of north and west early afternoon you'll have to be concerned with thunderstorms and they roll through here 2, 2:30, 00 ep primary concern here is gust question wind. like saturday we could have hail or isolated tornado and worst should be east of us 4, 5:00 in in the afternoon. can't guarantee went whoa have leftover showers and but the worst of it should be over by again 4, 5:00 this afternoon and there could be a secondary round that develops later tonight. i don't think strong abut we'll keep an a on that as well. there's 7 day. 76 today. notice cooler temperatures tomorrow. i want to mention potential for snow showers on friday
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even off norm and west here. i guess it's possible we it will be moran an a few flurries will be a few snow showers on friday. crazy, 76, snow showers on friday. all right earn i've done my part. >> i'm uk whating with in with allison she had coffee and we were shareing a stroll this morning. >> girl power day. >> you know who is not as excited as we are this morning. >> everybody in the traffic. >> doesn't that look tear ill and thing is we're not seeing crashes right now. this is eastbound by 23 prince william parkway crawl ago long bumper to bumper average speeds under 10 miles an hour 234 to 2 parking lot of congestion a lot of folks out and about early you guys were right when you said a lot of folks may head out early to beat weather moving in later. right now you i would say from mannasas gains fillville you need to leave the house early to get to the beltway on time. we'll swiv from camera to lack at maps as you make your way frederick maryland 270 northbou
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through frederick you hilt a crash scene blocking center lanes. be prepared for that one. traffic right now on the southbound side of 270 is pretty slow. you can see that line of yellow from 70 down through urbana it's a 20 minute slow down average speeds checking in. once you again top gaithersburg things on up and heavier volume to the beltway. wire and polls down closed after ali lane fairfax. if you are taking metro today good news we're not satisfying delays on safe track surge 12 wrapped up. allison and steve. >> we are tracking metro this morning. safe track shurj begins does and today transition agency in virginia officials hold a news conference to talk about impact. this is final surgeon yellow and blue lines in the commonwealth and it will be done in two phases. >> also happening tod
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hours take effect of customer call centers monday through fry 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends 8 a.m. to 6:0 p.m. the move says metro 1 million a year and increases social immediate yeah has decreased over the past few years. >> today is ash wednesday in christian calendar first day of lent. archbishop of washington will celebrate mass after noon today. if you can't make it to church klurnly will offer ashes to go in parking lots i saw that sign yet and deposit put it all togethers. i get it now. >> next details about the obama book deal a bidding war skyrocketing to more than 60 million. >> lot of money. >> first a young fan at college basketball game. check it out.
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boise idaho the ball got stuck behind the basket. sending in the youngsters to fix it. >> he climbed him the basket and get the gal and crowd goes wild! >> i love it. z29phz z16fz
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y29phy y16fy
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>> good morning, hillary vaughn. >> we lost hillary. i can tell you this. markets had their first losing day a little yesterday as they dropped down 25 points. it looks like futures are up today, though, hopefully they can regain those lows and then some today. >> do we have hillary? okay. we're going to try to get that. in the meantime i'll tellou
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talk about with her one involving youtube getting involved with the video streaming business something in the works for a long time. of course, with their partner google and youtube wept through a different couple things we wept through in the past and sign ising on with major tv networks, et cetera, and media companies i guess i should say to try to get that tv service up and running and xbox this is great news for gamers if you have xbox one for $9.99 you will be able to play basically up to 100 video games you can down loads directly to console new xbox games and receipts row old ones as well. think of it like spotify for your xbox. all right. well you guys come back and join the party we'll invite you to the party as wellet let's get to tucker. >> you're going to talk warm. >> a tropic
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>> tucker, you are just the best meteorologist in the world. >> why are you being so nice. >> do you know what today is. >> no. >> world complement day. >> i love it. >> share the love. >> #world complement day. >> we'll keep them coming all morning. don't worry. it's a little damp. rain coming down on 270. >> might be a little bit. >> okay. gloomy. >> gloomy. >> is that -- road. >> it should say jammed at falls road. thanks for noticing my typo i was rushing we can take that down. it's world
6:38 am
world point out mistakes day. >> and that road has -- >> i thought that was a new road. >> i'm making up my own traffic language. 270 soub earlier crash in bethesda at the 2 70 spur that cleared father hurley to the spur you're really seeing heavy conditions north of that point 70 through basically germantown jammed as well. motto of the story 270 southbound not looking great get an early start. moving over to 66 again no crashes here and the eastbound side from 234 prince william parkway to 28 looks like parking lot and hey tucker can you point out that this super looks perfect and i have no punctual errors. >> fantastic. good teamwork there. aside from terrible areas massachusetts avenue closed between second and third street northeast dealing with a crash and we'll keep you updated on that in the district and water main break between g and h meto on time. safe track work yesterday
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>> erin, you tell tucker target is on him for national point out other's mistakes today. >> coming up next. >> p.s. that's not a thing. >> she made it up. >> member of president trump's cab test that wore slippers to the address. >> and coachella has a headliner. we'll fill you in after the break
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what's trending on the web for this wednesday morning. coachel afound itself a headline after bee an say announced she could not perform. lady gaga will take the stage. in a tweet she wrote let's party in a dessert with coachella poingter and her listed as the head liner. there she is at the super bowl. >> melania sparkled during his speech. her suit cost nearly 10,000. that outfit nearly sold out. it is third time the first lady has worn a new york city based designer to a prominent event. steve. >> in fairness how many $10,000 outfits do they make. >> i have no idea. >> okay. back to what's trending now. speaking about this new commerce secretary wilbur ross went for comfort by wearing
6:43 am
custom made slippers m. they look like loafers. >> slippers? >> they start at $500. which ones. >> night slipper. >> they're very sweet. >> okay. >> they're pricey. >> $45 for these right here. >> shoes appear to be -- ross wore a pair that featured commerce logo on the tow that said it was exclusively made for him. we say slippers. when i think slippers i think comfy fuzzys. >> these are. >> $500 custom fuzzys. >> if you only make three outfits they sell out quickly. >> in all size as cross the board we did our due diligence all sizes like an hour ago lynn our producer tells me were told out, twos and tens were the only ones that had a few -- i mean sold out. >> you can still get one if you want. >> i'm not a 2 or 10
6:44 am
to you. >> speaking of big night at movie trailers alien film and guardians of the galaxy ii. you know kevin is excited about that. fox beat is next
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>> everybody is getting out the door and waking up with tropical conditions out there. and allison look who is
6:47 am
temperature wise not so much. i will be honest with you we're concerned about strong thunderstorms moving through mid to late afternoon. temperatures 58 in washington. 60s already in mannasas and 61 frederickburg and leonardtown 61 and 58 baltimore. everybody's temperatures already ten degrees or so above normal and later this afternoon how about 25 degrees above normal. we'll be well into the 70s before this cold front gets in here before the thunderstorms are out. really cold front won't get until later tonight. you might notice red boxes those are tornado watches west earlier this morning. there's warnings. about a half hour ago in tennesseement we're concerned this line as it moves to our region will kickoff severe weather locally here this afternoon. lots of energy and tropical energy moving ahead of the front. again the front moves in with thunderstorms later this afternoon and we're likely
6:48 am
spark off another round. last saturday strong storms. there's future cast. 1:00. you guys off north and west along 81 we'll see this 1st and early as 1 and watch what happens here 2:0 moving up to the 95 corridor and south and east of us by 4, 5:00 in the afternoon and steve asks what happens in the aftermath of storm. remaining cloudy and few showers, sunny and bright it won't be and the real threat between 2 and 3:00 this afternoon and when the front arrives later tonight there may be another round of showers and maybe a storm. what are we most concerned about. high winds gusting 50, 60. can't take out risk of tornado or hail. of course we had a lot of hail last zoo. we can do that again. cooler weather tonight and look at friday, snow showers. temperatures in 40s. overnight lows in 20s saturday morning. will feel like winter for friday and saturday. let's get to the meme how is traffic. >> a lot of
6:49 am
be aware of. massachusetts avenue northeast is closed. crash involving bus and bicyclist between second and third street northeast. look athat backed up traffic. keep to maryland northeast and maryland avenue dealing with extra congestion as well. aside from that water main break in district 11 street northwest between g and h watch for slow downs there. 70 southbound crash blocking right lane after falls road already in delay and you can see a line of yellow as you make your way from 70 all the way down to spur this morning and leave the house about 45 minute early and 95 northbound crash blocking left shoulder and stafford 6:10 look at long line of traffic jammed at 17. coming out of fredericksburg into stafford you need a significant amount of time this morning. prayburn drive closed after ali lane and quick look at virginia on 66 it's super parked near sutly road from gainsville to centerville. it's one of those days
6:50 am
we don't have any crashes there. it's just a whole lot of traffic. >> we can use. >> little pick me up. >> i think that's sound wonderful. >> ask and you shall receive. >> dog name. >> we have dog names. >> allison requested dog names yesterday i got more than i can handle. we'll roll this into thursday okay. >> because people love dogs. >> i think cat day was just as popular. >> cat day was extremely popular. >> only one day. >> draw me like one of your french girls. that's hilarious. yes, you're looking glamorous. >> if steve had a dog that would be the look he would get. >> crossed legs. >> aw. >> go ahead allison play along. >> okay it's been a rough week and then somebody mentioned it's only hump day. >> thank you. >> looks like brownie. >> all right, so, i had a few earlier that were not receipted to dogs and i do a
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tomorrow too. >> no, no, i'm satisfied. >> yeah. >> this is for you. >> love when you realize tucker tuesday is becoming a problem. >> that's true. >> it's thursday. >> story of my life. >> it's my burrito thursday. >> last one we wrap up and april turn the cameras off and i'll give birth. >> i'll give birth when you give the camera off. >> some are upset she's not given birth. >> we're a microwave society. we want it in the five second window and that's not happening. >> we love memes give them to me. >> you can send them to my email if are you not twitter savvy. >> thank you. >> thanks, tuck. >> it's 6:51 look ago head to celebrity film good day you d.
6:52 am
house wives star porche will be live with us today. >> also porche's boyfriend todd stewart he is local guy he was home came in and dishd dirt with maureen and myself. we'll have that for you today and also. >> i never had somebody get two of three spots on good day guest list. >> porsha is that amazing. >> dion warwick performing but not before sitting boun with "fox5". you don't want to miss it. >> very cool. >> kevin mccarthy today's fox beat. >> allison, good morning. >> it was very exciting night for movie in other words last night. >> really. >> big trailers were released it was fun night for movies i was up watching trailers 5eu78 night. "alien" trailer came out f you're a fan of the franchise a lot of people have been affected by the move movies, alien 1 and aliens
6:53 am
cameron and. >> is that cute michael fastbender. >> this is alien covenant. a lot of questions surrounding this everyone wants to know this is a sequel to promethiuhs or sequel to alien. >> tucker texted me and said he could not sleep. >> why. >> because tucker is pro promethius. >> this is the six m film and the ship they're in is called could have napt and you can actually see the ship from promethius in the trailer. so we'll see what happens there. that opens up on may 19. i know tucker is really, really excited. >> really happy. >> is there a time limit for trailers? >> time limit? can it be eight minute long. >> i've seen long trailers before but that is 2 1/2 minutes general length last night on jimmy kimmel he had a trump-free tuesday. let's look at thi
6:54 am
>> tonight we're having a trump-free tuesday [ cheers ] the president spoke tonight before a joint session of coming gress and we're going to ignore it for a very good are on the reason is i need a break from it to be honest with you. >> kinlel went on to say if you mention president trump name had you to put 100 in the jar and on the show the reason i bring that up he released guardians of the galaxy two trailer and another text from tucker 4:30 wondering about this look at this. >> swords we're using and guns i guess we're both doing guns i didn't know that. >> i love bradley cooper. >> where's baby roo. >> you'll see him he's coming up soon. >> baby grude. >> still voiced by vin diesel. for people wondering why is there second "guardians of the
6:55 am
galaxy" it opens may 5 it's 15th film in marvel cinema that take place in the same world as "avengers" and thro. take place very shortly after first film baby grude and the end of the trail are you see kurts russel pop up mr. beater quil, chris pratt's character in the film. before we go. moonlight after winning best picture on sunday is now expanding to 1500 screens. this is not the trailer unfortunately. >> that's "darkness ". >> yes the movie itself is releasing 1500 screens called "moonlight" it won best picture. put it out for a chance for everybody to see. >> now that it won there's a great article where director of moonlight and "la la land" and talking about amazing grace and what happened that might and dwrd
6:56 am
name being released. perfect. >> thanks, kev. >> good morning. >> did "moonlight" win best picture. >> no it went to "la la land" -- no i'm joke it went top "moonlight" i'm joking i don't want people to think i'm being sarcastic. >> quick early heads up could be strong storms around here between 2 and 4 and topical air streaming from the south and south, southwests at 14 miles an hour. history of producing tornadoes up to 0 reported yesterday with line of severe weather aetch proving the edgeon and again we'll be in the mid 70s. lots of energy to speed the form as they arrive as cooler and drier air gets in tonight. again i would say between 12:30 if well off north and west to 4:00. primetime for thunderstorms across the region. some could be strong. okay, warm weather momentarily and -- >> big problem on the roads a lot of slow downs and cooshs
6:57 am
and negotiate baltimore washington crash jammed bang to the beltway take 95 northbound to get to baltimore beltway this morning and southbound congestion 95 copeston and 95 northbound stafford keep it to fox news morning. we'll look at metro as we continue
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>> we're a country that stand united in condemning hate and evil in all of the very ugly forms. >> a new tone from xhapdner chief during first address to a joint congress. reaction pouring from both side of the aisle. it has people talking. bob. >> yes, vandalism and criticism steve here of the u.s. education secretary on the campus of howard university. we'll have that story in a live report coming up. >> and plus we are tracking severe weather barreling across the midwest. two people died and 45 million more are at risk in the path of this storm. where it's headed next. >> and good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining us it's 7 a.m. this morning morning mar of 1


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